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Why Jewelry Matters to Our Personal Journeys

Why Jewelry Matters to Our Personal Journeys
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Jewelry is endlessly meaningful.

It’s nuanced and layered, both personal and public. It can be practical or spiritual, psychological or ornamental. In fact, jewelry has a connection to every aspect of our lives. But it goes even further than that.

Jewelry threads its way through our world history, touching cultures, politics and every day society. In whole, it tells the stories of communities and countries – including status. On the individual level, every piece tells the story of the person who wears it, as well as the artisan who created it.

Type the term “history of jewelry” into your browser’s search bar and you’ll get a very good idea of just how varied and interesting the meaning of jewelry is – and how much it has mattered. So let’s start there.

The meaning of jewelry through time

Prehistoric Jewelry

The word “jewelry” is a form of the Latin word “jocale” which translates into “plaything”. It was first worn by the ancestors to homo sapiens 40,000 years ago and was made of teeth, bones, shells and other found items.

Back then, and for some time after, jewelry also served as a tool. It was a clip to secure clothing; a dowry to secure a marriage; a force to secure a person from evil.

Over time, though, jewelry became something else altogether. It became a clue about its wearer, indicating such things as religion, spiritual beliefs, relationship status, the desire to conform – or not to conform. It communicates age, milestones passed and, of course, personality.

But beyond communicating who we are outwardly, jewelry is also a message. But not the type of message you might immediately think.

Rather than being a message to others, jewelry is today a message to ourselves, reminding us of who we are, who we’ve been and who we are becoming.

In short, jewelry follows our personal journey and evolution, and with each new piece we select, the picture continues to unfold becoming ever fuller and more meaningful to us.



This is why those who view life as an adventure — those who continually pursue personal growth and love to express themselves — enjoy and appreciate jewelry so much.

Here are just a few reasons we believe so strongly in the power of jewelry as part of our personal journeys and why we’ve devoted our lives to helping our clients find this power too:


Hans D. Krieger

Jewelry Marks Occasions: The birth of a child. Earning a degree. Retiring from a career or entering another. There are countless moments that matter in our lives and jewelry is a celebration of each and every one of them.

Bezel Diamond Cluster Ring by Hans D. Krieger

Single Stone

Jewelry is Love: Engagement rings. Wedding bands. Birthstones. The watch passed down from father to son; the gemstone passed from mother to daughter. Nothing symbolizes love in so many ways as jewelry does.

Platinum and Diamond "Aimee" Engagement Ring by Single Stone

Maria Rzewuska Collection

Jewelry Empowers: It might be as straightforward as a statement necklace or a right hand diamond ring. Perhaps it’s as subtle as a locket holding something meaningful or the inscription inside your wedding band that no else knows is there. Whatever it is, that piece of jewelry gives you strength. It encourages you to keep moving forward when times are difficult and it inspires you to reach for your dreams.

Gold and Diamond Sunburst Power Cuff by Maria Rzewuska Collection

Antonio Bernardo

Jewelry Facilitates Change: Get a tattoo and your style is (sans painful laser treatments) set in stone. But stagnant is not how people are. In reality, we’re dynamic, ever-changing. So jewelry is ideal for expressing our personal style while still allowing us to evolve. In fact, a stroll through a jewelry store is the perfect, low-risk way to explore new styles and experiment with change.

The "Suspenso" Ring by Antonio Bernardo


Jewelry Stirs Us: Jewelry often surprises the wearer by sparking feelings within them. A piece can make you feel pretty, confident, daring or any one of the countless emotions available to us as human beings.

18K Yellow Gold and Black Diamond "Pluja" Necklace by Majoral

Single Stone

Jewelry is Lasting: No matter how wonderful a vacation or dinner out makes you feel, it’s temporary. A piece of jewelry, on the other hand, is a tangible symbol of moments enjoyed. It brings meaning and emotion every time we see, hold or wear that piece. A permanent memory brought into physical form that we can treasure always.

18K Rose Gold and Diamond Earrings by Single Stone

Maria Rzewuska Collection

Jewelry Brings Out Beauty: Jewelry has been used for ages to enhance natural beauty. But while it does serve that purpose, we think what’s more important than how a piece of jewelry looks on you is how it makes you feel within.

Gold Plated and Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace by Maria Rzewuska Collection

We’ll leave you with this question to ponder: Is it the way a necklace perfectly accentuates the grace and length of your neck that makes you look more beautiful? Or might it actually be the way you hold your neck when you put on that necklace?

While there’s no denying that an exquisite piece of jewelry is meant to enhance the beauty of the wearer, we believe its real power lies in its ability to transform how the wearer feels on the inside. And from that internal spark, we all know, comes true beauty.



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