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Antonio Bernardo was born in 1947, in Rio de Janeiro. Antonio Bernardo was introduced to jewelry and watch making items at a young age while watching his father sell tools to a goldsmith. Later in life, Antonio Bernardo decided to forgo his engineering studies and dedicate his efforts in researching goldsmith techniques and self-teaching jewelry making. For almost a decade, Antonio Bernardo worked in his home workshop, a studio equipped with traditional tools, many of them inherited from his father. Soon afterwards, Antonio Bernardo opened his first shop in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro. The jewelry by Antonio Bernardo extremely coveted and his ideas are derived from the nature of the metal, which he lends light and sensual forms. You can shop many Antonio Bernardo pieces both in-store and online at

Brazilian designer Antonio Bernardo showed signs of artistic vision as a young boy by forming wire sculptures with goldsmith tools sold by his father - one was even transformed into a ring with multiple moving parts. Inspired by this “early success”– he studied engineering and educated himself in goldsmith and jewelry making techniques. As a self-taught artist and sculptor, he went on to win the most coveted international design prizes and, more importantly, to delight jewelry lovers around the world with his stunning innovative creations. 

Antonio Bernardo: "Jewelry has to have a concept behind it. One sees the piece with a physical and emotional understanding. To me, jewelry has to touch people’s hearts."

Nicole Gorman Shum: "Adam and I were spellbound by Antonio’s jewelry when we first met him at an international jewelry show in Germany several years ago. After spending time in Rio, getting to know Antonio as well as his work, we feel exceedingly proud and privileged to be his exclusive representative in the DC area."

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