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In 1858, jeweler and company founder Jean Jacques Arbenz established himself in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, where a notable tradition of craftsmanship aligned with the inspirational environment. The magnificent Rhine River, medieval town center and surrounding natural beauty was, and is, a source of creative strength that inspires exceptional pieces of jewelry.  In the 1900's, with a passion and dedication to the business, Fritz Furrer and Lucienne Jacot built a partnership based on creativity and precision manufacturing that has endured to this day. With a tradition of superior quality, Furrer Jacot is known internationally for uniquely handcrafted wedding bands, engagement rings, and carbon fiber bands. With an emphasis on innovative timeless style, old-world craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology; the designers create a vast and varied collection. The House of Furrer Jacot continues the vision of Fritz and Lucienne by creating rare jewels that express your love, your commitment, and your individuality.

Adam Gorman: "I’m inspired by not only Furrer Jacot’s dedication to the highest standards of production - but by the romantic setting and backstory that continue to inspire the company."

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