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While growing up in India, artist and jewelry designer Taru Kothari was inspired by the detail and proportion of beautiful antique jewelry. Later, after moving to California, her son, Tej, would accompany her on buying trips to India and watch her evaluate each piece with her keen eye for design. He was always by her side as she grew her love for antique jewelry into a successful business. As Tej honed his own skills for the family business, he based his designs on the details and proportions of antique jewelry viewed through a modern lens and minimalist aesthetic – under a filter of the richness of the natural world. Balanced and elegant, each piece is meticulously crafted with 18K or 22K gold and stunning hand-selected and hand-cut stones. 

TEJ KOTHARI: “As an undergraduate, when I went with my mother on buying trips to India, she would encourage me to design a few pieces to occupy my time – with the promise that all sales proceeds would go toward the fund for my graduate degree in molecular biology. The first few pieces sold quickly and ended a promising science career!”

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