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Mattia Cielo and Massimiliano Bonoli

Founding his eponymous company in Italy in 2006, jeweler-entrepreneur Mattia Cielo focuses on the avant-garde concept of highly technological and innovative jewelry for the Third Millennium. His friend, artist-designer Massimiliano Bonoli, is the creative mind who realizes this vision. With his artistry and architectural technique, Bonoli is able to take Cielo’s concept and give the jewelry movement and emotion. Together they create sophisticated and elegant jewelry that reflects movement so well that it seems natural – when in reality they are highly engineered to sparkle and dance in the rhythm of the life of the wearer.

We have applied an innovative titanium alloy for flexibility and to convey a unified form and capacity for “memory” – that is, to return to the original position despite rigorous use. Lightness, softness, and sparkle are the keywords for our collection. — Mattia Cielo

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