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Schaffrath brothers

From humble beginnings in 1923 to a highly successful present in Hanau, Germany, three generations of Schaffrath brothers have consistently sought the highest standards of aesthetics, innovation and quality. Their belief that the diamond is the soul of a piece of jewelry resulted in a groundbreaking revolutionary setting system – the world’s first free-moving diamonds that float freely in their exquisite settings. The diamonds in these meticulously crafted rings, pendants and earrings have a 360° range of movement - the slightest motion catches the light in a new way that unleashes the stone’s fire and maximizes its brilliant sparkle. (You feel like you sparkle too when you wear them.)

“Ivan and I became enamored with the Schaffraths (and their jewelry) years ago on one of our trips to Germany. We have remained close to them personally and visit with them in Germany and in the States as often as we can.” — Bonnie Gorman

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