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“Our name is our concept”, is the saying that provided the initial idea for designer Ursula Müller’s handcrafted jewelry enterprise. Step by Step. No rush, just one thing after the other, with every single step well considered. A native of Switzerland, Ursula designed her first piece of jewelry in 1985 and founded her company, with her husband Fredy eight years later. In her studio, located on the banks of Lake Zurich, she crafts contemporary stylish pieces known for their bold design, intricate flexible mechanics, and graceful architectural lines. 

Ursula Müller: “My designs are, in every sense of the word, handcrafted. My pieces are individually nurtured with great care. I study the material from various angles, listen to what it tells me and observe to what extent it shapes and develops itself. The result is usually surprising and always exciting!”

Adam Gorman: “After meeting Ursula in 2004 at an international jewelry show in Munich, we were thrilled to be the first to have the opportunity to present her designs in the United States.”

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