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A self-taught metalsmith, perpetually driven to create, Todd Reed began teaching himself how to design and make jewelry from metal and colored gemstones. During this time, he was introduced to rough diamonds - uncut and unpolished with natural perfect geometry and unique surfaces and textures. Naturally beautiful. Ethically mined. Socially responsible. Inspired, he began incorporating these stones into his work. His use of raw diamond cubes and natural diamond shapes is still considered to be among the most revolutionary design steps taken in the jewelry industry. In addition to his work with sustainably-sourced diamonds, Todd has also become renowned for using recycled metals – 18K gold, palladium, platinum, and silver. His creations are entirely hand-fabricated and brought to life by exceptionally skilled and passionate artisan collaborators in his Boulder, CO studio.

Todd Reed: “This really is a line of jewelry that uses the most perfect diamonds in the world, the actual raw diamonds. The unique surfaces and textures are profoundly individual and deeply inspiring. Raw elegance – yes. Natural perfection – absolutely.”

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