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Yasuko Azuma’s childhood memories of growing up in Japan, her training and careers as a fashion designer in her native country and as a dancer in New York, provide the inspiration for her elegantly feminine and intricately detailed jewelry. Studying jewelry design and fabrication at F.IT., she mastered the craft of delicate hand piercing and hand finishing techniques. Her “diamond dust” textures that subtly “sparkle like the air on an icy cold day” have become part of her signature style. Old world motifs, intricate Japanese patterns and the refined movement of a dancer show up in the graceful lines of her designs. Working with rich earth-toned diamonds and soft brushed gold, Yasuko creates pieces that marry her own soft-spoken elegance with bold femininity.

YASUKO AZUMA: “The pieces never outshine my customers but rather enhance their diverse and inherent beauty. I also believe in jewelry that is more subdued with unexpected surprises and details.”

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